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Course Overview

Course Name: NASTRAN Fundamentals

Course Code: AE20AM4003V0

Course Description

In this course on Nastran Fundamentals from BridgeNow Academy.

Key pointers about the course on MASC Nastran overview are given below. In these lessons,  following questions will be addressed on NSC Nastran fundamentals, what is/are:

·       Role of solver in Finite element analysis

·       NASTRAN and its role

·       NASTRAN formulation and FORTRAN code

·       FORTRAN Modules control and Direct Matrix Abstraction Program (DMAP)

·       NASTRAN solution sequence for analysis type

·       NASTRAN file structure and NASTRAN statements

·       NASTRAN as solver for PATRAN, Hypermesh, MARK etc.

·       NASTRAN input and output files and output control

·       Handling big database and use of include files

·       NASTRAN cards and execution control statements

·       Library of Finite Elements in NASTRAN

Course Takeaways / Overview

·       How to use NASTRAN as solver

·       With which pre-processors NASTRAN is compatible

·       NASTRAN control cards and execution control

·       NASTRAN file structure and NASTRAN statements

·       NASTRAN input and output files and output control

·       NASTRAN element and material libraries

Course Structure:

·       Lesson 1: L1_NASTRNA Fundamentals

Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer

Training Method: Instruction based.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Downloadable Exercises: NA

Recommended Practice Hours: NA

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