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Course Overview

Course Name: Technical Services Engineer

Course Code: AETAS05

Course Duration: 5 hour

Course description :

Hello, everyone, welcome to this introductory course on Aerospace Technical Publication from BridgeNow Academy.

Key pointers about the course are given below.  

·       Major aircraft structural components and their functions and role

·       Classification of aircraft and aircraft structural components

·       Explanation of aviation terminologies

·       Background of technical publication

·       Difference between conventional writing and technical writing

·       Why standardization of publication and standards

·       Classifications of aircraft technical publications

·       Relate with documentation workflow

·       Current emerging trends on paperless documentation

·       Interactive electronics technical manual and publication

·       Classes of interactive electronics technical manual

·       Why standards needed

·       Features of interactive electronic technical manual

·       Workflow related with interactive electronic technical manual

Course Takeaways / Overview

·       Major aircraft components, their functions, and classification

·       Knowledge of conventional and technical writing

·       Define technical writing and publication

·       Background and challenges of technical writing

·       Maintenance and maintenance definition

·       Steps involved in technical writing

·       Differentiate aerospace technical manual

·       Standards and specification of technical publication

·       Use of technical publication

·       Classify the interactive electronics technical manual

·       Classes and uses of interactive technical manuals

·       Current trends in paperless documentation

Course Structure:

·       Lesson 1: Aircraft structures

·       Lesson 2: Technical publication overview

·       Lesson 3: Emerging trends in technical documentation (Paperless documentation)

Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer/Electrical and electronics

Training Method: Instruction based

Course Validity: 5 days from the date of enrolment.

Downloadable Exercises: NA

Recommended Practice Hours: NA





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