CATIA V5 Advanced Surface Design

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Course Overview

Course Name: CATIA V5 Advanced Surface Design
Course Code:  AE20DM8004V0
Course Duration:  17hrs
Course summary:
In this course on CATIA V5: Advanced Surface Design from BridgeNow academy. This design course on surface design covers advanced surface design commands. Includes demonstration on conversion of surface topology to sheet metal and solid part design.   Course Takeaways / Overview
  • To know about multi-section in surface design
  • Explicitly understand about difference between profile and guide curves
  • Detailed understanding about spine and coupling used for multi section
  • To know about sweep and adaptive sweep in surfaces toolbar
  • Explicitly understand about, explicit-swept surface creation
  • Detailed understanding about line-swept surface creation
  • To create swept surface using circle-swept surface methodology
  • Perform swept surface using conic-swept surface methodology
  • To create swept surface using adaptive sweep methodology
  • Creation of sweep using law profile in generative shape design
  • Detailed understanding about join, heal, disassemble, remove surface and un-trim
  • To create chordal, bi-tangent, tri-tangent and variable fillet
  • To know about transformation toolbar in surface design
  • Conversion of 3D surface topology to solid part body
  • Conversion of 3D surface topology to sheet metal part
Course Structure:
  • Lesson 1:Multi section and Law
  • Lesson 2:Sweep
  • Lesson 3:Operation
  • Lesson 4: Transform
  • Lesson 5:Surface to Part body
  • Lesson 6:Surface to Sheetmetal
Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer
Training Method: Instruction based
Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment
Downloadable Exercises: NA
Recommended Practice Hours: NA

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