Basics of Solid Mechanics II

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Course Overview

Course Name: Basics of Solid Mechanics Level II

Course Code: AE20AM2003V0

Course Description:

·       Solid mechanics is the study of the deformation and motion of solid materials under the action of forces.

·       Flexural equations and its application for the solution for indeterminate beam problems.

·       Slope and deflection of standard and nonstandard beams using method of integration and moment area method

·       Shear force and bending moment diagrams are analytical tools used in conjunction with structural analysis to help perform structural design by determining the value of shear force and bending moment at a given point of a structural element such as a beam

·       These diagrams give designer an overview of the result for the combination of different forces and their likely implications on the structure, and its stability

·        It helps to decide the constructional constraints, which should be taken care of while designing

·       It helps to understand the failure of a beam under combined loading, where we can see that, both bending moment and shear force plays an important role in its failure as compared to tension and compression alone

·       Thus, it is important to find out their variation along the length of the beam using shear force and bending moment diagrams.

Course Overview

·       Deflection and slope determination using integration method and moment area method

·       Advantages and limitations of determinate and indeterminate beams

·       Solution of determinate and indeterminate beam problems

·       Shear force and bending moment calculations for simple and complex loading

·       Application of shear force and bending moment diagram as design aid

·       Effect of eccentric force on attached parts

·       Best practices in SF and BM estimation

·       Determination of point of contraflexure and location of maximum shear force

Course Structure:

1.       Bending and deflection of beams

·       Lesson 1: Bending and deflection of determinate beams

·       Lesson 2: Bending and deflection of Indeterminate beams


2.       SFD and BMD diagrams

·       Lesson 1: Shear force and bending moment - introduction

·       Lesson 2: Simple examples SFD and BMD

·       Lesson 3: Advance examples SFD and BMD

Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer

Training Method: Instruction based.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Downloadable Exercises: NA

Recommended Practice Hours: NA


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