Basics of Solid Mechanics I

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Course Overview

Course Name: Solid Mechanics I

Solid Mechanics I - AE20AM2002V0

Course Description:

·       Solid mechanics is the study of the deformation and motion of solid materials under the action of forces.

·       Determinate, indeterminate beam problem solution

·       Applications and limitations of determinate and indeterminate beams

·       Integration method, Moment area and conjugate beam method to solve indeterminate beams for deflection and slopes

·       Principal stress and strain – Analytical and graphical method (Mohr circle)

·       Various failures, their types, causes and  consequences.

·       Application and details of failure theories for ductile and brittle materials

·       Engineering applications of slid mechanics concept in engineering design

Course Overview

·       Concept of load, stress and strain

·       Classification of failure, their causes and consequences

·       Failure theories for ductile and brittle materials

·       Deflection and slope of determinate and indeterminate beams

·       Method of integration, moment area and conjugate beam method

·       Concept of principal stress and strain, principal planes and application for failure prediction

·       Best practice for application of solid mechanics concept for product design

Course Structure:

·       Lesson 1: L1_Determinate and indeterminate structures

·       Lesson 2: L1 - Principal stress and strain

·       Lesson 3: L1 - Failure theories

Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer

Training Method: Instruction based.

Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment.

Downloadable Exercises: NA

Recommended Practice Hours: NA

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