Aircraft Metallic Materials

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Course Overview

Course Introduction Template
Course Name: Aircraft Metallic materials
Aircraft Materials- AE20DM3001V0
Course Duration – 6hrs
Course Overview
  • Know about important material parameters
  • Detailed understanding on stress-strain diagram
  • To know about importance of material fracture
  • Knowledge about different types of fatigue
  • To know about different stages of creep failure
  • Knowledge about applications of precious metals
  • Explicitly understand about refractory metals
  • Know about different classification of steel based on carbon content
  • Detailed understanding about ferrous aircraft metal alloys
  • Know about ferrous alloy nomenclatures
  • Knowledge about ferrite, martensite, austenitic and super austenitic steels
  • Applications of ferrous alloy on aircraft
  • Knowledge about non-ferrous aircraft metals
  • Explicitly understand properties of aluminum and its classification
  • Know about different classifications of titanium
  • Detailed understanding of copper and its alloys
  • Know about types of nickel alloys and its aircraft applications
  • Knowledge about applications of cobalt in aircraft
  • Appraise the advantages of super alloys
Course Structure:
  • Lesson 1: Material Properties
  • Lesson 2: Ferrous and Precious Metals
  • Lesson 2: Non-Ferrous Alloys
Pre-requisite:   Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer
Training Method: Instruction based
Course Validity: 90 days from the date of enrolment
Downloadable Exercises: NA
Recommended Practice Hours: NA

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