Aerospace Structural Design Engineer(Sep-2022)

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Course Overview

Course Name: Aerospace Structural Design Engineer Program Batch - 3

Course Code : B305ASD

Course Duration: 270 Hrs.

Course Start Date: 10th August 2021

Course End Date: 12rd October 2021

Course Description:

In this course the learners will get insight about the below topics.
  • Aircraft basics and systems
  • Engineering graphics
  • Aerospace grade Fasteners
  • Metallic and Non-Metallic Materials
  • Sheet Manufacturing Process & Hand Calculation
  • GD &T
  • User Interface on Basic CATIA V5 Tool training
  • User interface on Advanced CATIA V5 Tool Training

Course Outcome:

By end of this course learners will be able
  • To perform airframe structural design like fuselage, wing, doors, floor beams, etc. (primary and secondary structures)
  • To perform aircraft modifications, upgradation and customization
  • To perform concessions activity
  • To perform the design of aircraft interiors
  • To perform Reverse engineering
Course Content
  1. Aircraft Basics
  2. Aircraft Mechanical Systems
  3. Aircraft Electrical Systems
  4. Aircraft Avionics System
  5. Aircraft Propulsion Systems
  6. Environmental Control Systems
  7. Aircraft Interior
  8. Human Factor
  9. Engineering Drawing
  10. Aircraft Fasteners
  11. Fastener Calculation
  12. Technical Pub
  13. Aircraft Metallic materials
  14. Aircraft Machining process
  15. Aircraft Composites
  16. Composite Manufacturing
  17. Composite Fabrication
  18. Aircraft Sheet Metal
  19. Sheet Metal Calculation
  20. Aircraft Design Stages
  21. Aircraft Calculation
  22. Aircraft Skin design
  23. Aircraft Frames & Stinger design
  24. Aircraft Bracket Design
  25. GD&T Symbols
  26. Fits & Tolerance Calculation
  27. Sketcher module
  28. Basic Part Design
  29. Advance Part Design
  30. Assembly Design
  31. Assembly Drafting & BOM
  32. Basic Sheet metal design
  33. Advance Sheetmetal Design
  34. Basic Surface Design
  35. Advance Surface Design

Pre-requisite:  Mechanical/Aeronautical/Automobile Engineer or Engineering Students

Training Method: Instruction based Online training & Virtual Classroom

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