Aerospace CNC Machinist B3

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Course Overview

Course name: Aerospace CNC Machinist

Course code: ACMB30414

Course Duration10 Weeks

Course Description: Comprehensive training on CNC Machines which will impart skills in Milling, Drilling, Turning in addition to knowledge on Metrology, Safety, Quality Management & Soft Skills.

Course Overview:

Introduction and Safety: Introduction to Machining, manual machining, advantages and disadvantages

Standards & Concepts: Engineering drawings/CAD Data/Layout Processes /process sheets

Metrology: Inspection Methods, Measuring and checking

Introduction to Machining- Generation: Conventional-NC-CNC (History and differences), Advantages, Disadvantages, Applications

Introduction basic motion commands: Explain the all G-code & M-codes of the FANUC controls, Simple program writing skill: Terms and condition, Structure, Format, Graphic simulation

Turning: Introduction to turning machines, Turning Machine operating-Machine homing, Dialing, Operating modes, Program input and save, Datum setting & offsets, references etc..

Milling, Drilling: Introduction to milling machines, Milling Machine operating-Machine homing, Operating modes, Program input and save, Driling Datum setting & offsets

Soft Skills: Quality Management System, Soft Skills: Presentation, Communication & Report writing etc. Group Discussion & Personality Development, Employability Skills

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