General Duty Assistant Job Oriented Program B1

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Course Overview

Course Name : General Duty Assistant Job Oriented Program B1

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Course Code : HC20GDA

Course Duration : 240 Hrs

Course Start Date : 21st June 

Course End Date : 20th Aug 

Course Description :

In this course the learners will get insight about the below topics.

  • Orientation to health care facilities
  • Job role and responsibilities of a general duty assistant
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Ergonomics and body mechanics
  • Routine inpatient activities
  • Positioning, ambulation and transferring of the patients
  • Personal hygiene of the patients
  • Elimination needs of the patients
  • Nutrition and hydration
  • Hospital bed linen and bed making
  • ·Preventing patient fall and injuries
  • Last office work
  • Observing, reporting and documentation
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Sanitation, safety and first aid
  • Bio-medical waste management
  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Work readiness and soft skills

Course Outcome :

By end of this course learners will be able

  • To understand the job role and responsibilities of a general duty assistant
  • To understand the basic concept of health and health care services
  • To familiarize with various health care services offered in a health care facility
  • To assist the patients with managing their personal hygiene
  • To assist the patients with performing everyday activities
  • To ensure the patient’s comfort and safety, and provide best health care
  • To make bed for the patients, and manage bed linen and laundry
  • To assist the patient with transfer, ambulation and positioning in bed
  • To assist the doctor and nurse with assessment of the patient’s medical condition
  • To arrange the required equipment and supplies to assist the nurse with administration of drugs, injections, drips etc.
  • To assist the nurse with last office work
  • To observe, report and document patient care related activities  
  • Use proper body mechanics during patient care activities
  • To maintain an appropriate, hygienic and safe environment for the patients and others
  • To understand and respect the patient’s rights, and maintain the privacy and dignity of the patient
  • Operate computer, and make word documents and excel sheets

Course Content :

  1. Basics of health care and health care delivery system
  2. Hospital and its departments
  3. Job role and responsibilities of a general duty assistant
  4. Personal hygiene and grooming for a general duty assistant
  5. Code of ethics and conduct for a general duty assistant
  6. Patients’ rights
  7. Basic structure of the human body
  8. Physiologic systems of the human body
  9. Secretion, excretion and body fluids
  10. Ergonomics and body mechanics in health care
  11. Basic medical and surgical equipment
  12. Patient comfort and devices
  13. Cleaning, disinfecting and sterilization processes of hospital equipment
  14. Measuring height, weight and vital signs of a patient
  15. Administration of drugs
  16. Transporting specimens
  17. Assisting a patient with ambulation and positioning
  18. Transferring a patient within a health care facility
  19. Maintaining personal hygiene and grooming of a patient
  20. Diets for various health conditions
  21. Assisting a patient with feeding procedure
  22. Assisting a patient with elimination needs
  23. Caring of a patient with an indwelling catheter
  24. Types of hospital linen and its care
  25. Making an occupied and an unoccupied bed
  26. Preventing accidental patient fall and injuries
  27. Care of a dying patient
  28. Care of a patient’s body after death
  29. Basics of documentation of patient’s routine activities and condition
  30. Infection prevention and control practices
  31. Hand hygiene
  32. Personal protective equipment
  33. Potential occupational hazards and safety measures in a health care facility
  34. Basics of first aid
  35. Bio-medical waste management
  36. Basic computer skills
  37. Communication skills
  38. Other soft skills

Pre-requisite:  B.Sc. Nursing,GNM,ANM

Training Method: Instruction Based Online Training & Virtual Classroom

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