Human Factor in Aviation

Course name: Human factors in aviation Course code : AE20GM1008V0 Course Duration : 2 hrs Course Description : Course Overview: ·       Familiarization with human factors in aviation ·       Differentiate between types of human factors ·       Know the human factors issues related with maintenance ·       Learn about the fatigue and human errors and their impact ·       Exposure to the different models used […]

Technical Publications Overview

Course Name: Airspace technical publication Corse code:  AE20M3001V0 Course duration: 6 Hrs ·       This course gives exposure to importance of aerospace technical publication-overview and technical writing process used in creation of publication ·       Technical publications are mandatory requirement for the manufacturers in obtaining airworthiness certifications and are essential for the maintenance, repair, overhaul and operational support ·       Aerospace industry is […]

Emerging Trends in Technical Publications

Course Name: Emerging trends in technical publication Corse code :  AE20M3003V0 Course duration : 1 hrs Course Overview Understand the terminology related to emerging technical publication trends Know about the augmented, virtual reality and interactive electronic technical publication Able to differentiate between the augmented and virtual reality Identify the challenges of developing content for technical publication Focus on workflow involved […]

Aircraft Electrical System

Course name: Aircraft electrical system Course code: AE20GM1003V0 Course Duration : 2 hrs Course Description : Course Overview: ·       Familiarization with the basic components of aircraft electrical system ·       Explain elements of aircraft electrical system ·       Learn about the electrical power distribution and loads ·       Interpret the common electrical failures ·       Exposure to the different lights on aircraft ·       Explore […]

Aircraft Avionics System

Course name: Avionics Course code: AE20GM1004V0 Course Duration : 2 hrs Course Description : Course Overview: ·       Familiarization with the basic avionics ·       Know the role of avionics ·       Learn about the communication system ·       Exposure to the different navigation system ·       Explore the use of display and flight management system ·       Differentiate the position determining systems ·       Understand the […]

Aircraft Propulsion Systems

Course name: Aircraft Propulsion Systems Course code: AE20GM1005V0 Course Duration: 8 hrs Course Description Course Overview: ·       Familiarization on aircraft fuel systems ·       Distinct understanding on aircraft propulsion ·       Exposure to different type of aircraft engines ·       Knowledge on aircraft fire protection systems Course Structure: Unit1:  Aircraft Fuel Lesson 1: Aircraft Fuel Systems Unit2: Aircraft Power Plant Lesson 1: Introduction […]

Aircraft Environmental Control Systems

Course name: Environmental Control Systems Course code : AE20GM1006V0 Course Duration : 6 hrs Course Description Course Overview: ·       Familiarization on aircraft pressurization and its effects ·       Knowledge on operation of aircraft air-conditioning system ·       Exposure to different types of aircraft ice & rain protection systems ·       Importance of aircraft oxygen system Course Structure: Unit1: Air Conditioning ·       Lesson 1: […]

Aircraft Interior

Course name: Aircraft Interiors Course code : AE20GM1007V0 Course Duration : 5 Hrs Course Description Course Overview: Familiarization on aircraft instrumentation Distinct understanding on critical cockpit gauges Exposure to different types of aircraft interiors Acquittance on various aircraft emergency equipment Course Structure: Unit1: Instrument  Lesson 1: Aircraft Instrument Unit2: Equipment & Furnishings Lesson 1: Aircraft interiors Lesson 2: Emergency Equipment […]

Aircraft Basics

Course Name: Aircraft Basics Course Code:  AE20GM1001V0 Course Duration: 6 Hrs. Description: In this course you will understand the aircraft basics on aircraft structure, aerodynamics, Aircraft loads & significance of Aircraft materials   Overview: ·       Understand the definition of aircraft·       Knowledge on type of aircraft structure·       Learn different type of aircraft structures·       Know about the type of aircraft·       Differentiate between the methods of […]

Aircraft Mechanical Systems

Course name: Aircraft Mechanical Systems Course code: AE20GM1002V0 Course Duration: 8 Hrs Course Description Course Overview: ·       Knowledge about contributions of eminent researchers towards flight   ·       Familiarization on flight control surfaces  ·       Exposure to aircraft hydraulic systems ·       Acquittance on aircraft landing construction ·       Distinct understanding on aircraft braking and tries arrangement Course Structure: Unit1: Flight Controls ·       Lesson […]